Controlling your MIND

Controlling your mind is the trickiest and most difficult tasks of all. Once you have your thoughts controlled, you can change them into whatever frequency you want. Mind makes it's own decisions, whether you like them or not, it is anyway going to make them, doesn't gives a damn. It is you who can control it and change it in the way you want it to be. There are times when you command your brain to do one thing (or feeling in a  certain way) but it always does the opposite. That's because "emotional'' you is more dominant than ''practical'' you in that state or situation. We are humans, creation of God and emotion is a part of our system but do you think it is necessary for us to be emotional in every situation and let our brain just sit there in the corner of our body and not do anything.
Now the trickiest part is'',You are trying to control your brain through your brain!'' and for this you have to be very careful at each step because your brain can always trick you!
let's take an example: You decided to get up early and the next morning alarm rang, you know you need to get up, but your brain will convince you that you are tired and sleepy and you need more sleep. After snoozing your alarm for good few hours you will wake up having a regret in your mind that,''Why didn't you get up'' but remember it's your brain that is making you regret. Our brain knows well how to trick us but the question is can we trick our brain?
You are going through a breakup or some serious issues in your relation or life, you want to consider yourself a priority but you are not able to because, again, you are being an emotional fool there who is not letting brain to work.
Such crappy situations will always remain in our lives but it is us who need to be more immune to such situations and not let them affect the other more important parts of life. So let's begin with some of the ways with which you can trick your brain and can control it to make it focus on other more important aspects of life. These methods will surely take time and your patience but are totally worth it.
Initially when I tried these, I felt it was not my cup of tea (coffee instead ) but I tried to incorporate these in my daily routine. Slowly and steadily I became habitual and my brain thanked me for this in different ways:
1. Meditation: Meditation is now a days a very over rated term but trust me it is the best thing you can ever do to yourself. I didn't knew meditation possessed such great power until I tried it personally. I was never a big fan of meditation though I belong from it's origin land but always wondered why is everybody going crazy about it.
Mediation gives your body, mind and soul time to come together and embrace the feeling of existence, the feeling of being in the moment. It makes you actually realize your existence and be grateful for it. I know these sentences are a little overwhelming but trust me they possess truth in them but the only condition to feel the magic is to be consistent and optimistic with the process.
2. Take a walk: Now, it is the simplest and easiest thing one can ask you to do. You will agree me on this, right?? Then why are you not getting your butt out of the door for a walk?? Fresh air lets us breathe properly and increase the blood circulation in our body and brain. Just 20-30 minutes of walk everyday can improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduces extra body fat and most importantly sets you in a good mood.
3.Plan: Planning out your day, week or month clears your mind and gets you the things that you need to do in front of your eyes. Making a to-do list in the morning for the day will give you the idea how your day needs to be planned and how you should prioritize your time. After the completion of the tasks checking of the things from your list will give you a sense of achievement and motivation to get more stuff done!
4.Drink more water: Water does wonders to our body, SIMPLE WONDERS! Drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily improves your energy level and relieves fatigue. Initially when I incorporated drinking 2 liters of water in my daily routine there was only one thing that I wanted to do other than drinking water i.e. peeing but once your system will get use to it, it will be easier for you.
When you will successfully incorporate these habits in your daily routine you will realize that you can actually control your brain and be more practical in every situation.

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