Self Awareness

                                          MASTERING YOURSELF IS TRUE POWER.
                                                                                                  -LAO TZU

Who are you? What do you desire? What is the reason for your existence? What your future holds? I am sure at some point of time in life you have asked these questions to yourself and if not I am sure you will some day. When we were younger we all had different aspirations, some weird, some cool. But as responsibilities takes over and fear of failure surrounds you, you are bound to think, think a lot! But have you ever thought about your inner self, have you ever thought about "YOU"? We all want to have life we have imagined for and why not, we have got one life to live then why not live it to the fullest. So now the question is how can we achieve what we want? How to know what is the right path to follow?
Today all our attention is reserved by the web of social media. We know what our friend who is sitting miles away from us is doing through social media but we actually don't what we want to do next. And the reason is  we are least bothered about ourselves, all we are interested in is other's life.
Knowing yourself is the biggest challenge that we don't want to accept. Practicing Self Awareness is the only way to accept this challenge.
Self awareness is the biggest keys to success. You need to work on it, you need to improve it and the only way to do it is to practice it regularly. Our human body is made to go through changes- physical, emotional etc and it is important for us to have basic knowledge of it and this all is possible by practicing Self awareness.

No one can understand the importance of self awareness better than a successful person himself because he has practiced it and it has helped him to reach to his destination. Don't you think it will be no less than a super power to know what are you going to do next clear in your mind. The interesting part is you already possess that power and you are not using it because all your energy is being wasted in knowing what other's are doing next.
One of the best way to practice Self awareness is ''JOURNALING''.
Journaling will not only increase your self awareness but it will also help you increase your productivity.
And for this all you need is a pen and a paper or you can go digital. I personally prefer writing because it helps me communicate better with myself.
Here are some of the tips you can keep in mind while journaling:
1. NO RULES: You don't need to have rules while journaling. You have to decide when you feel comfortable and most energetic to communicate with yourself. Some people prefer to wake up and get their lingering thoughts on a piece of paper first so that they can start their day with a fresh mind and some prefer it before going to bed.
2. DON'T BE SPECIFIC: While journaling you have to include all the aspects of your life because all of them are interconnected and do impact each other positively or negatively.
3. SET A TIMER: For the beginners it will be bit of a task to get into habit of journaling. For this you can set reminders to remind yourself that you need to journal.
4. DECIDE YOUR EFFICIENCY: You are the one who can decide your efficiency, no one else. You have to decide whether you want to write in your journal once a week, twice or daily.


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