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New year is around the corner so let' start new year with new attitude, new rules and new hustle:)
You know you are a girboss, if not you better know it now. You are the centre of universe. Everything starts with you. Everything ends at you. You can control everything. You can control anything. You are the creator of your life. You have the power. Then what are you waiting for?? Let’s test the limit of power you possess, let’s create every freaking good thing possible in future, lets create a beautiful world for self and others.
I decided to write the para above to tell you how powerful you are and hoping that you are already testing them. So let’s cut the rambling part and dive right into the habits that a girlboss has i.e. you:
1. Take hold of things: Never be dependent on anybody for anything. You are enough and you should know it. Take responsibilities, don’t run away. Your smile is your strength, use it, spread it.
2. Manage time: Being a girlboss obviously, you are very busy and because of this sometimes things seem to fall apart, goal seems to appear gloomy but don’t worry you are sorted by developing single habit i.e. managing time. I know it is easy said than done but once you master it half of the problems are gone and being a girlboss you don’t want any. Right?
3. Dress up to slay: As they say “when you look good, you feel good’’. I don’t know about others but I relate to it every time. Investing 10-15 minutes in the morning gives you so much of extra energy and confidence to slay the day. And you should know girlbosses are meant to slay.
4. Have a morning routine: Having a slow and quite morning routine is the food to your soul. It give a beautiful start to your day keeping your mind fresh and free from any chaos which we usually suffer in the morning.
5. Know your worth: Never underestimate yourself and never overestimate others. You should know your worth, never sell yourself short. The thinking that guides your intelligence is more important than how much intelligence you have (from book ‘’the power of thinking big’’).
6. Read: Reading books trains your brain muscle, reduces stress, Increases your knowledge, improves your memory and concentration skills and gives you a best friend ( books;) )
7. Wake up early: I know many of us struggle getting up early in the morning. But struggle of getting up early is nothing in front of the benefits offered by the beautiful early mornings. You have time to start your morning peacefully without any rush, you have time to show gratitude (as first thing in the morning), to plan for the day and get your work done (an accomplishment in the beginning of the day).
8. Journal: Self awareness is important, VERY IMPORTANT( I have a separate blog on it). Self awareness helps you get through the difficult and messy times of life and keeps you balanced even in the most back breaking times.
9. Drink more water: I literally cannot force it enough guys, water is a magical liquid and let it help the magic inside you come out.
It not only has tons of benefits for your skin but for your entire body, drinking less water reflects on our mood ( n u know girls how moody we are;) ) so to keep up with the good mood you gotta drink loads of water.
10. Exercise: You gotta move your body divas, you have to run the world (and also gotta keep that ass in shape ;) ). We all know the benefits of exercise. It is self explanatory why successful people exercise as first thing in the morning.
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