Sleep Deprivation

Oh well! I still remember that time in school when I use to sleep whenever I wanted to. No hard deadlines, no stress for completion of assignments, it was a smooth ride. We had a fixed nap time after school and a fixed play time after that stress bursting nap. Life was easy. Then came the time when we were told to make life changing decisions, and this changed the course of our life (and more than anything it affected our dearly beautiful sleep).
I am an architecture student and trust me nobody can better understand the value of sleep than me (hah! you don’t believe me? Google it!). Getting less sleep has now become a symbol of hard work. Not getting enough sleep because you were busy completing your assignments or maybe busy on social media. Guys, instead of cutting down your sleep, try to cut down hours you spend on social media. I once took a one week challenge in which I decided to check my social media only at one particular time in a day and I saw drastic changes. I was having extra hours to get work done and bit of relaxing time too where before I use to think that 24 hours are not enough!
 I too use to believe that by cutting my sleeping hours I can get more work done which will definitely lead me to good results. Surely I saw improvement in my result in short run but I was becoming less attentive in my lectures and wasn’t performing well in my college hours due to lack of sleep which in long run affected my grades badly.
Sleep deprivation is not as common as we think of it. It can further cause serious health issues which may last for lifetime. Cutting out the rambling part now I am going to tell you benefits of getting a good night sleep and a lot more. So let’s begin
Benefits of getting a good sleep:
1. Improves memory: Your brain is never asleep, it is always busy doing it’s business. Even when you are in deep sleep brain is busy strengthening your memory or skills learned while you were awake. Therefore never forget to reward yourself with a good night sleep.
2. Live longer: Too less sleep is associated with shorter lifespan. Sleep affects the quality of our life and it is as easy as it is said, in order to live a better life you should sleep better.
3. Stimulates creativity: Getting a good night sleep will improve your creativity by consolidating memories and strengthening them. So in order to get more creative, get more sleep.
4. Improves your grades: Getting enough sleep will improve your attentiveness in lectures and make you more active during your school or college hours.
5. Provides a healthy weight: Who doesn’t wants that perfect body with perfect curves. You are trying to lose weight but not getting satisfying results because you need to change your sleeping routine. Researchers show that dieters who were getting well rest lost fat more.
Disadvantages of getting less sleep:
1. Central nervous system: Your central nervous system is the information highway of your body. Sleep is necessary to keep it functioning properly, but chronic insomnia can disrupt how your body usually sends information.
2. Dumbs you down: Sleep plays an important role in thinking and learning. Lack of sleep affects attention, alertness, concentration.
3. Ages you: We all have experienced pale skin and puffy eyes after few nights of irregular or missed sleep but lack of long term seep can lead to wrinkles, fine lines and more worse ‘dark circle’.
4. You can gain weight: Lack of sleep increases your hunger and appetite and possibly it will lead to obesity. A study conducted proved that people who tend to sleep less than 6 hours a day are more likely to gain 30% more weight and become obese.

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