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Being positive is an art. Trust me! It takes hell lot of an effort. And to be positive you gotta need inner peace. Positivity is the major key to productivity. And who doesn’t wants to be productive? So, cutting down the rambling part, let’s dive right into the ways to be more positive and productive!!
 1. WAKE UP EARLY: Many of you must be thinking how waking up early can increase your productivity but guys it is scientifically proven that waking up early can decrease your stress level and you get extra time to get work done that you will be procrastinating otherwise. Basically I  am a person who is never consistent with the sleeping habits but once in a while I tend to set routine for my sleep (try to wake up early) and trust me I have seen tremendous results.
 2. DRINK WATER IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU WAKE UP: You just spent 7 to 8 hours without drinking water so even if your body isn’t you that it’s thirsty it probably is. Our brain tissue is 75% water and when we are dehydrated our body is working on less fuel, eventually we feel drained and experience mood fluctuations.
 3. HAVE ROUTINES: We humans are creature of habits and a routine is something that we do again and again to eventually convert it into a habit. These small morning and night routines will send signals to your brain when you have to take over the day and when you have to wind up and rest.
 4. DO ONE THING FOR YOUR BODY OR SKIN DAILY: Doing even a little for your body or skin will always reward you back and will set you in a good mood for the rest of the day. We often tend to neglect our body under the pressure of work etc but guys what we need to realise is to feel good you need to do good to ourselves.
 5. SEPARATE YOUR SPACES: Always separate your working and leisure spaces. For me I am a college student and it’s really hard for me to separate the spaces. But once I have started doing it, I have seen tremendous results. If you tend to work or study on your bed it is more likely for your body to receive the signals that it’s time to rest and you will feel sleepy. Having separate work space will alert your mind that it’s time to get work done.
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