6 HABITS To have in 2018

2018 is here (like a month old now). So any new plans? Or should I ask it this way, Any good plans? Obviously, we set our resolutions every year and not everyone succeeds. But life doesn’t stops and you gotta make the best out of it. For the times when you don’t feel like it and demotivated to do stuff, the habits listed below will get you through:
1.  Meditate: it is a process which connects you with yourself. You should start your morning slow and relaxed to contain all the positive energy required to hit the day.
`    Find a place in your home where you feel most relaxed emotionally, may it be your terrace, your garden          anything. It is a time taking process and not anyone will become pro in once. You have to be consistent and      have patience. Wake up and start your day with mindful meditation, giving your body time to relax and a time     out of the hustle.
2.   Read self- help books: The best you can do to yourself is to start reading self-help books. It gives you the courage to ask questions to yourself. Helps you see the word with a whole new perspective. Devoting few minutes daily in reading will provide you with visible results. Just 10-15 minutes daily, either before going to bed or after waking up will do the job. Some of the books that I would like to recommend are: The Secret, 7 habits of highly effective people, power of thinking big, power of subconscious mind etc.
3.  Take out time for yourself: What we often forget in this hustling bustling world is ourselves. Everyday try to take out time for yourself and relax. Do things that makes you calm, be it the little things like painting, cooking, going for a walk, listening to music or reading a book. Set up a space for yourself in your room that excites you. A corner that always makes you happy, you can put up fairy lights, or just putting a soft rug can do the job.
4.  Set up your inspiration board: Having your goals in front of your eyes makes hell lot of a difference. Whenever you feel demotivated you can simply look to that board and surely you will get butterflies in your tummy because you are planning your ideal self. Put up a board in front of your bed or any place where you are able to see it easily.
5.  Set priorities:  Always try to figure out what thing holds more importance to you and then decide. It often happens, when there is a lot of work we get overwhelmed and start procrastinating which leads upto nothing. Therefore always try to list down the things and try to colorcode them according to their importance like allot red for most important etc.( One addition tip though, always make yourself a priority).
6.  Start thinking positive: I always stress on this thing in my blogs that, our thoughts control our actions. In order to have positive actions start having positive thoughts. Try to find positive in every negative situation you face, even if there is zero positive thing try to make a positive one!
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