How to Maximize your Time

How many times have you asked for extra hours in a day? I use to do it almost everyday as work was ‘’The Great wall of China’’ and day was just flicker of light. But have you ever imagined that the people who are most successful on this planet are also using these 24 hours without demanding extra hours because they are using their time efficiently. They are not wasting their time on social media, reading other’s life but they are more interested in creating their life chapter interesting. Time is just like sand, if you will hold it tightly it will stay and as you loosen up it’s gone. Therefore it’s important to have little hold on things. I know it’s good to lead your life with some uncertainity because then there is more space for certain things but that doesn’t mean you have to lead it aimlessly.
Having dreams, setting goals should be the prior thing in life because if you are aimless then there is no point living this beautiful life. Even a bird has a daily aim of feeding it’s children. Having gaols inspire you to utilize your time because then you are more aware of the time you are wasting, you are more aware of each moment that u r wasting doing nothing, which can be utilized to make your dreams come true.
So here are some of the things which can help you maximize your time:
1.  Set Goals: setting goals is as important as having food as it also provides you to lead a good life. Setting goals will make you aware of the fact how much time you are wasting on things that will lead you nowhere. It will help you plan your day efficiently so as to reach your goals.
2.  No to social media: No, I am not saying u should delete your social apps from your phone but instead try to utilize that time to do something productive. I know it will not be easy but try to challenge yourself and test your self control by working on your dreams in the time which you use to waste on social media.
3.  Plan: setting goals will lead you to plan. Obviously, to travel through the journey of achieving you need to have a plan. A plan that makes your dreams achievable in visible steps. Try having a weekly or daily plan and try to be flexible with it. Use sticky notes so as you don’t have to cut off things instead just shifting the notes will do the job.
4.  First work then reward: I know it’s human nature that until we see something rewarding we don’t go for it and nothing wrong in it until you want that reward before doing the work. Whenever we come back from school/ college we desire a little break which eventually turns into a vacation. Instead try to have something that will boost you up e.g. coffee immediately after you come back and first get your work done and then relax. In this way u will be more relaxed as there will be no pressure to return back to work.
5.  Be in present: I know future looks promising with more light and less gloom but what is more important is todays sunshine because this will be leading us to tomorrow’s brightness. Try to focus on things that are in front of you like right now! Try to be here, in the moment and give it all that is required for a promising future.
6.  Be carefree: it often happens that when we are unable to reach a goal in restricted time or unable to complete a task, we feel defeated, miserable as we had already built the pressure of completing the task in our head. Instead of cribbing about the things and wasting time try to enjoy the little things that come in your way. These small things tell us the importance of life not the pressures that you have been building up in your head. Learn from the failure and prepare for the next opportunity with a smile on your face.
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