7 reasons to start meditation right Now!

What’s free for you? For me free is being in a closed room where my soul interacts with me. Where my thoughts are at pause because they are also stunned by the beauty of subconscious peace. What’s meditation for you? For me it’s letting your breath touch you. It’s realizing what a single breath is and can be. It tells me why it’s important to be sad too and accept that sadness and see how it converts into happiness.
Mediation is a space to explore yourself, to become one with yourself. To have conscious control on your thoughts and most importantly your actions. I know we should let life come to us, but what’s harm in being more prepared for the coming situations?
Let me state the most favorite current quote of mine, “If you are depressed you are in past. If you are anxious you are in future. If you are at peace you are living in present. - Lao Tzu”
Mediation lets you be in present, it lets you be in peace. So without blabbering much let me share with you 7 solid reasons to start meditation right now!

  1. Helps cut the nuisance and reduces stress: Doing mediation even for 5 minutes daily can reduce your stress to a very high level. Our body can get physically and mentally stressed quite easily due to which stress hormones are released in the body which eventually affects our sleeping habits, causes depression and anxiousness.
  2. No more anxiousness: if our body is at peace, less stressed, for sure we will be less anxious. It is effective in various more areas including reducing your social anxiety, which I usually suffer!
  3. Improves self-awareness skills: taking time to sit with yourself, cutting yourself from the world and connecting with only you, will surely give you the sense of self love and urge to go deep inside yourself and introspect. This practice helps you built your conscious in context to your actions.
  4. Improves your concentration skills: do you think sitting alone and not do anything, not even talking is easy? No it’s not and when you will be able to accomplish this tricky task, you will see an enormous change in your attention, you will be more attentive and concentrated in whatever work you do.
  5. Improves sleep: what is the major cause of not going to sleep on time? Wandering mind and lingering thoughts. And whenever we are in bed to doze off, the urge of mind to wander increases. Practicing meditation helps your brain to stop when it needs to stop i.e. sleep! And reduces the frequency of our lingering so that we can enjoy a good night sleep.
  6. Encourages us for a healthy lifestyle: Whenever we are stressed or sad we usually prefer reaching out for unhealthy, junk food because these foods relaxes us for that moment but surely have adverse effect on our health later. Meditation provides us with the ability to have control on our actions. We will not make subconscious decision of eating unhealthy just to have pleasure now and regret it later.
  7. Makes you practice happiness: studies show that meditation increases brain signalling in the left side of the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for positive emotions. So next time you feel sad you know exactly what you need to do.

So why are still waiting guys, when you can do this magical practice right now and that too in the comfort of your home. Next time i will be sharing with you 'Beginners guide to meditation'. Comment down below your suggestions about next blog and don't forget to meditate:)
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