8 Amazing benefits of having a Walk!

A walk? How simple does it sounds, right? But do you know how beneficial it can be! Well, even I didn’t knew till I myself explored it. Walking is the most popular aerobic physical activity. About 6 in 10 adults reported walking for at least 10 minutes in the week. Cutting off the rambling a bit earlier let's go straight and let’s walk through the benefits of walking:

  1. You get to buy new clothes: no, don’t judge me! The point I am trying to make here is that you lose inches when you enjoy walk on a daily basis. Your pants starts to loosen up and you got a chance to buy new pairs.
  2. Awakens your creative self: whenever you feel stuck at work or not coming to any conclusion, researches have proven that probably going for a walk is a smart idea. According to an experiment in 2014, walking gives a boost to creativity. So next time you feel stuck, just head out and walk.
  3. Improves blood circulation: Walking is referred to as a light aerobic exercise. When we head out for a walk we let the fresh air in our systems which in turn increases the blood circulation in our body which benefits the heart and the body’s muscles.
  4. Makes you closer to nature: if you are a nature person like me, then you must love spending time out there. But because of the lack of time (as I use to think or make an excuse) I didn’t often use to go out. But walking has helped me enormously in my cravings for heading out in nature and enjoy. This way you are hitting two birds with a single stone as you are closer to the nature along with lots of health benefits.
  5. Welcomes a healthy glow: dermatologists suggest that any exercise that increases blood circulation is good to provide a healthy glow to your skin. And what’s better and easy than a walk. It helps delaying the signs of aging and wrinkles.
  6. You can plan out your day: while waking we have enough time to think upon different affairs. So why not use that time in planning our day efficiently. I always think about what needs to be done first and what last so that I am more productive and efficient throughout the day.
  7. Promotes hair health: being active has a very important role to play in good hair health. Walking keeps the hormones in our body balanced, which does wonders to hair.
  8. Boosts the immune system: as we have discussed earlier about blood circulation, it has wonderful effects on our immune system as it improves the supply of oxygen in the body. Having a walk for just 20-30 minutes every day strengthens our immune system and keeps us away from various illness.

Creative and productive things you can do while taking a walk:

  • Click pictures: heading out for a walk in the morning makes you encounter beautiful scenes without any hustling bustling of the world. You can click beautiful pictures for your instagram or facebook feed with minimum efforts and disturbance as nature is best in the morning.
  • Listen to inspirational podcasts: start your day listening to inspirational talk while having a walk to get that motivation flowing through the day.
  • Brainstroming: utilise that precious time to brainstorm on the ideas that you wanted to, as in the morning there is no one to disturb your quite space.

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