After Work Productive Routine

After Work Productive Routine

Being Productive after work demands a little more motivation than going to work every day. Now, with the increasing competition people are willing to work extra hours, which is a really good thing but the only time available is after you are done with your work when you are a 9-5 person along with a side hustle. Here are some of my tips that has helped me to side hustle when I was working in a corporate world.

1.      Don’t Freshen Up: When you get back from work, the first thing you would want to do is to change into comfy clothes and wash your face etc but Stop! As soon as you get back, take a deep breath and continue working in the same work clothes that you were wearing for that day, in this way your brain will not be triggered to relax and have a chill night which otherwise would have happened in the former case.

2.      Have an energetic snack: Our body craves more sugar and carbs rich food when we are stressed or tired and this is exactly what we don’t want to do. Prepare your after work snack either a night before or in the morning if you have enough time. In this way you will always have something handy and heathy to grab without thinking much, right after you get back home.

3.      A little list: Sit down on your desk and create a little to do list for the evening, try to assign 2 or 3 tasks that you will aim to achieve and try to align those tasks in respect to your goals. Creating a small list will instantly make your vision clear about what tasks needs to be completed and you can direct your focus on the work without wasting any time.

4.      Set a deadline: Always set a deadline for when you want your work to get over for the day as you have to prepare for the next day too. Setting a deadline will give you a defined chunk of time to get things done and not waste your time on not so important things.

5.      Create an afterwork playlist: As we have talked above, being productive after work needs a little extra motivation and what’s better than good music when it comes to motivation. Invest your time in creating your afterwork playlist to get into the flow of things once you get back home. Being able to enjoy things and to be in flow comes more handy when you trying to be more productive and investing in your side hustle and yes! Don’t forget to update your playlist every week so that you are not bored of the flow.

6.      Eliminate Social Media: If you really want to be productive afterwork then you have to give up social media for that time. Once you are on it, it will not take much time to convert your hustle time into an evening wasted. Like we discussed above, set a deadline and dedicate that time to go on social media or chill.

7.      Designate a work space: Always designate a workspace when you need to get some serious business done. Assigning spaces gives your brain clear signals that you are on to something and it needs to get alert and focus! Also, try to customize your work space with pictures that inspires you or the quotes to which you feel more connected to, so that you have a vibe going on in your work space.

8.      Break your work zone with an activity: As you are done hustling after work try to break that zone with some form of activity so that you feel the transition from working to relaxing. I like to spend some time in kitchen with family members or go on a little walk.

9.      Enjoy your after-afterwork routine: Once you are one with all the work for the day it’s time for you to chill and chill Hard! Have a light and enjoyable night routine which can consist of having a pampering bath, a healthy dinner, taking care of your skin, prepping for the next day, prepping for a good night sleep etc so that you are charged again to take over the next day!

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