Boost Your Business In a Month: Time Management- Young Entreprenuer

Boost Your Business In a Month: Time Management- Young Entreprenuer

In a study, according to award winning Psychology Researcher Dr. John Bargh,  Our brain try to attempt to do real, productive work by focusing on small, mindless tasks to pass time and hence prevent us from getting anything productive done.

Why should we practice Time-Management in the first place!

   1.     You can achieve more in less time: By practicing time-management you are allowing your brain to focus and be less distracted and you will be able to get more done in less time.

   2.     Easily achieve Deadlines without missing any: Time-management helps you to give importance to every aspect of your life, without missing any. Usually while catching up on something we tend to miss the other which is fine but can be problematic it happens quite frequently. In such situations time-management plays an important role.

    3.   Manage different tasks at once: Time management gives you the window to look at all the tasks at once and then take action regarding them. It helps you to section out blocks of time for each and every task hence handling multiple tasks at once.

    4.    Provides you with self-discipline: When you are able to think about the consequences of not getting things done, it is much easier for you to get that task done. Skipping out on any task or procrastinating about it will take a heavy toll on the tasks that needs to be done after that particular task and this perspective can be achieved with the help of Time-management. Since you have a plan laid-out which tells you about all the tasks and when they need to get done then it becomes easier for you to visualize the consequences of not getting it done.

    5.    Carve out Free time: It is very important for business owners or young entreprenuers  to carve out the free time to be able to relax, recharge and again get to work with full power. Time- management helps you carve out chill time/ free time in your calendar.

How To Manage-Time?

    1.     Have a Daily, Weekly, Monthly planner: Don’t worry, you don’t have to take four different notebooks to be able to plan differently. Take a planner and section it off into four parts naming daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You can obviously combine the two- daily and weekly. Monthly will have a small section in the notebook in comparison to the weekly and daily ones and yearly will be even smaller. Take a day out and sit down to set your goals for the following and start to track them in the planner, in this way it will be easy and motivating to chase your goals.

    2.     Define 3 major tasks: I love the saying by Bill Gates, “People overestimate what can be done in a day and underestimate what can be done in a year.” I have seen a no. of people filling their daily planner with 50 different things and cribbing about not getting them all done at the end of the day. This is not how it works, you need to put your focus on certain tasks in a day because as a human you have limited amount of focus. Pick out 3 major tasks that needs to be done for that particular day and make sure those tasks helps you get closer to your goals.

    3.   Time-Blocking Method: It is the key ingredient when it comes to focus and getting things done. Blocking method helps you block out the hours/ days in your planner to dedicate that chunk of time to one task only and helps you increase your focus and productivity.

       It usually happens that when we sit down to do something, our brain is constantly running on to the other tasks that are pending which results in lack of focus and we usually don’t get anything done. Block method helps you visually and physically block out the time in your calendar so that you have one task for x no. of hours.

    4.   Tackle the monster First: We all have heard different scientific studies about doing the hardest task the first in the morning as it helps you not procrastinate and be more productive as the day proceeds. It is a very great method as one of the 3 tasks is already been tacked in the morning.

    5.   Reviewing Goals is the key: Until you will start to review your goals and progress daily, it will all be aimless. We all spend a considerable chunk of our daily lives on social media, which in some way or the other leads us to get trapped in the comparison game. We start to compare ourselves with others without knowing the hard work they might have put into it and we being still in the process needs to be patient to get there. But reviewing your goals and progress everyday helps you keep rooted with your ground values and hard work and also helps you delete the vision that you no more relate with instead of chasing it aimlessly. 
      Feel free to express your own ways on how you make your business flourish.

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