How to become Creative

How to become Creative

We all have heard that creative people like to spend their time alone, in solitude but exactly what do they do while spending time alone and why do they do it. Couple of weeks back I was reading an article which stated that bill gates use to take creative breaks and visited places with less human connection or any connection in general to connect with him own self. This statement was quite interesting as it explained why creative people like to spend time alone. In this post I will be sharing with you what to do when spending time alone and how it fuels your creativity and makes your more creative.

1.      Focus on the process, not outcome: The biggest enemy to your creativity is your fear of failure or your fear of not getting the expected results. When you are in the process of creating something or exploring something the best thing you can do is to let yourself free, let your senses indulge in the process and not just your brain and hands. Your brain will always try to jump to conclusions but it is you who has to manipulate it and stay calm and positive during the process. Having negative thoughts restricts your creativity to flow, try to be more flexible with your actions along with enjoying them.

2.      Record your Thoughts: This is a big one! You will notice that people who have a habit of writing their thoughts down or journal on a daily basis tend to be more observant. The reason to this is they recall their moments while writing them and analyze the situations depending upon what the context was. I developed a habit of writing in a diary when I was quite small in age and still have the same habit. One thing it has taught me is whenever you feel messed up or in chaotic situations, the simple act of writing your thoughts down can really delegate the situation to it’s half. In order to be more creative and experimental with the things you need to have patience and for that you need to have peace of mind.
3.      Explore little trails alone: I can never get enough of this habit honestly. Nature is the best healer and the best teacher, the more you are out, the more you are open to new and different experiences. The real understanding of what being creative is came to me when I moved from my hometown to a place located in the lap of beautiful mountain range for graduation. The air that you breathe have a different impact on your brain if you are willing to breathe it in with an intention. The amount of inspiration is immense when you return back from such places, therefore, every once in a while plan a creative break and go to places which have the natural creative fluid flowing.

4.      Talk to your brain: It will be a little awkward at first, you talking to your own self, sitting alone, huh! But, once you get aware of the fact that how impactful it is to spend time alone with your own self, there is no turning back. When you are alone you give space to your thoughts to come out and be present along with giving you the time to understand them and your own self.

5.      Give yourself the privilege of being extra-ordinary: This is the best gift you can give to yourself. Do things that make you feel accomplished and extra-ordinary, things that majority of people are not doing because it takes a little more effort than usual. For me, those accomplishing moment were getting up early and letting the rays of sun to fall on me while I sat there with my eyes closed, focusing on my breathe, reflecting and being grateful.

6.      Consume more: If you had to take one point out of this article, take this one! I cannot put much pressure on the fact how important it is to feed your brain with good stuff and that too, on a very consistent basis. Our brain is a muscle too which gets stronger the more we exercise it. Reading books, listening to podcasts, reading blogs etc are all the easy and fast ways to feed to your brain good vibes.

7.      Believe in Higher Energy: Having belief is the best support you can ever have. Believe in energies that are beyond your realm and be in sync with them through your actions and thoughts. When you have faith in something, it becomes more easy to focus on that particular thing or task and the key factor to be successful is to have focus.

8.      Always experiment and explore: Being more open to new things help your brain to explore and fuels your creativity in the best way. Now, these new experiences can be a new activity to indulge in or a new place to visit or a new dish to cook, anything.

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