How to create Self- Discipline in life

How to create Self- Discipline in life

How to create self-discipline in life as an entrepreneur

1.     Have a mentor: Whatever you aim to achieve in life, a good guidance will always make the journey more enjoyable. Have a person who you can look upto when you are in a rut or when you feel uninspired or unmotivated because they have been through the same journey and they can definitely clear the mess in your life. Now, this mentor can be your teacher, your parents, your family member or some virtual person. People who love reading can have authors as their mentors as there is a ton of knowledge out there on social media or in books written by them to follow through your own journey. Having some form of advice to turn back to is always motivating.

2.     Create a rigid boundary: The biggest problem with being self-employed is that one day you will be on laptop hustling hard for endless hours and other days you will not even touch your projects for weeks. These are the days when you feel uninspired and lack motivation. Having a clear line of when you will be shutting your work for the day will bring more structure into life. Let’s say you started working at 8 in the morning and will be shutting off the work by 4 in the evening, you will be having  a wide open window of time after 4 pm to plan fun stuff with your family or friends or chill while watching a show. When your brain knows till when you have to focus and work, it becomes much easier to have a structure and follow a routine.

3.     Plan Fun things: The perk of working for yourself is being your own boss and having your holidays planned according to your own comfort. Self-employment can make you more frustrated and messy if you don’t take appropriate breaks from time to time because it’s you who have been managing everything al Once in a while plan out fun trips to places you have been wanting to go and create an execution map along with it. This makes life a lot easier when you have a lot of stuff to be done because then you know you will be having a gala trip next week or next month and got to be working hard enough to not miss out on work while you are enjoying your trip.
4.     Quiet Time: If you are aiming to be more focused and productive, then you have to be grounded and with peace for where you are right now in life. Sometimes when we see other people having their success parties or buying their own house or a new car we often beat ourselves up for not being where they are right now without actually knowing how much time they have been putting behind that success. Having quiet time every morning for 20-30 minutes makes me have more peace with where I am in my life right now and gives me hope to achieve all the goals that I have set for myself. Quiet time can include meditation, reading a mindful book, doing yoga, reciting affirmations, journaling etc.

5.     Have a Go,  Go, Go attitude: Once you are done taking time and breathing in, the next thing you want to do is to jump start your day! Having excitement to start the day even when you are not feeling that good will transform your day like magic, as they say, “Fake it till you make it.” Put on your favourite playlist on speakers, dance around, make your favourite healthy breakfast and just knock off the first task without thinking anything!
6.     Why you are doing this: Now, sometimes you are so drained out to dance around and have a small house part by self, I can understand that. Take a sticky note and write down why you are doing the task- WHY? What effects will it have in a long run. Having a WHY always helps when you are effected by outer circumstances or when your emotions decides to rule you.
7.     Mark your Productive Zone: Everybody’s body react differently to different sections of the day, some people feel productive in the mornings, some are productive at night and so on. You will have to try and test what time suits you the best. For me, mornings are the best time to get things done because if I am not getting stuff in the morning then I will not be doing it at all through the day!

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