How to Master your Mornings

How to Master your Mornings:

1.      Getting into the mindset: Mastering your mornings is all about getting into the right mindset a night before. There is no magic pill that will transform your brain overnight but it’s you who needs to be stepping the right foot forward with a little bit of preparation.
·        First thing that needs to be done is laying out your clothes- workout clothes, office clothes, chill clothes, whatever it is prepare it a night before!
·        Second thing sit down after you are done doing your house chores or putting your babies to bed and map out the next day.
·        Third thing while planning out the next day don’t get emotional and put 50 things on your to do list, just set 3 major tasks for the next day and prioritize them by assigning a number in front of them. If a task is really important mark no 1 in front of it and so on.
2.      Prepare good night sleep: The most relaxing and rewarding part of the day- sleep! And if sleep is not that rewarding to do then you are doing it wrong. Sometimes we are physically out of our work zone, office but leave our brain right there and due to this our stress level increases because you are not in the moment anyway and your sleep is compromised. See, it is as simple as ‘out of sight, out of mind’ just focus where you are! So you can prepare for a good night sleep by-
·        Taking a shower helps you to relax and calm your muscles which have been stressed due to a long day at work and creates a good buffer between your work zone and chill zone.
·        Blocking out social appliances helps you get away from the blue light emitted from the screens of such appliances which disturbs your body’s natural sleep pattern.
·        Reading something mindful helps your brain to go to sleep with relaxing and calming thoughts which will help you to have a good night sleep and wake up inspired.

3.      Get Up Early: Now I know you have heard this a million times but truth can never be changed. Getting up early can be a task for the beginners but once you get into the flow of waking up early and enjoy your mornings, the result will be surreal. Having the fresh rays of sun touch your soul and the fresh breeze gushing through your hairs, it is amazing! Follow a few steps to get yourself up early in the morning-
·        Treat yourself with Coffee or hot tea, now it doesn’t necessarily have to be coffee or tea, it can be anything that you like to reward yourself with for getting up early.
·        Make your Bed, it is scientifically proven that making bed everyday helps you to be more productive and prevents you from getting into bed again after waking up as you have invested time in making it pretty and put together.
·        Putting on workout clothes always helps me to wake up a little as it is a signal for my brain that it’s to sweat it out, so wake up!
4.      Mind Centric activities: OH! I can’t even start to tell you all how amazingly beneficial these activities are! I have a tendency to very easily get stressed and anxious which rolls into being overwhelmed and restless and the cycle is never ending. It disturbs my entire flow of work that I have been trying to get back to and so practicing these activities really help me stay calm and relaxed throughout my day.
·        Meditation- Where should I begin from, I have been practicing meditation for almost three years now, on and off. Whenever I am in a rut and everything gets messy, I always turn back to meditation to lead me through and help me be more calm and relaxed.
·        Journaling has been a game changer for a person like me. It’s really hard for me to gather my thoughts, they are always bolting here and there with a velocity that makes quite anxious and dumping my thoughts everyday as first thing on a piece of paper changed the whole game for me.
5.      Workout: There is a reason why all the successful people incorporate exercise in their daily routine, there has to be! Now, I can understand not everyone likes to be in the gym and that’s totally ok, try getting out in the morning for a walk or indulge in some form of physical activity like dance, volley ball, yoga to make your workouts more interesting!
·        SWEAT IT OUT!
6.       Review your WHY: Having the same intensity of motivation to work towards to goals can be a little hectic sometimes because we tend to deflect from our visions, our Why! Write down your Big goals on a piece of paper or on your phone and review them daily before going to bed and after waking up!
7.      Set an Agenda for the day: Jumping into the day without any intentions set is not a good idea! If there is not enough inspiration around you then create one! Set an intention for the day- “today I will be happy and present” or “today I will be productive” or “today I will focus on money management”, it can be anything that you relate with or you think you are lagging in.
8.      Tackle the Monster first: Having done the most frightening task first is the best feeling ever, ever! Trust me I have been postponing this blog post for three days now and decided finally decided to tackle it as first thing today and I cannot tell how satisfied I am completing this post!

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