How to motivate Yourself: The Easy Way!

How to motivate Yourself: The Easy Way!

 “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar 
Motivate Yourself: 11 Instant and Easy ways!

1.     Set goals to create a vision: Having a vision is very important to know where you want to go. Simply sit down a with a pen and paper and dumb down all the thoughts running in your brain and then start to map down your goals. You don’t need to be 100% sure about what you want to do in your life! You just have to have an idea of what this month would look like if do certain set of things. If those certain tasks could help you move forward then schedule them into your planner.

2.     Create a Vision Board: Vision boards help you see your vision in one glance. You just have to take pictures of visions that inspire you and then put them on a board. Place the board so that it is easily visible to you whenever you are in the room. It very smoothly helps you keep motivated and always help you remember your WHY.

3.     3 Important Tasks a Day: Don’t try to run around aimlessly trying tick off your to-do list. Every day set an intention and then work around it. Having an intention helps you keep grounded and focused. Decide any three tasks that are important and needs to be done on that day and try to incorporate the tasks that helps you move forward towards your goals.

4.     Watch Success stories in your Field: Sometimes we are surrounded by our problems and don’t realize when these start to dominate us. ‘I don’t feel like doing this because I feel sad’ or ‘I will do it tomorrow because I don’t feel like it’, these statements come up when our actions are ruled by our surroundings. Look out for inspiring and successful stories in your field to remind yourself that there are people in this world who might have bigger set of problems than yours but still they never give up and write their own destiny!

5.     Start with small step- Plan it!: Planning things out and writing them on a paper is the kick start of anything, at least for me. Whenever I feel myself procrastinating about something or delaying it, I know that the task is big and I need to break it into smaller chunks by planning it.

6.     Invest Time and create a Playlist: Initially I use to wonder why people waste so much of their time creating playlists when you can actually play the songs you want to listen. But I was wrong, having a set of songs that set your mood and gets you in the flow without breaking it is very crucial and making your own playlists helps you with that quite smoothly.

7.     Research! Research! Research!: It is proven that until you don’t know about something you can’t be interested in it. What I am trying to say is whenever you have a doubt before starting something, just research it out! There are thousands of articles and videos you can find on your relative topic and all you have to do is press search!

8.     Make a Gratitude List: Sometimes we get trapped in this so-called busy life so much that we forget the things that we should be grateful for! Create a gratitude list and review it everyday till you need another one. This method helps you realize all the beautiful things that you have around you.

9.     Redo your work space: If you are constantly working in a place every day for several hours then you need to switch it up every now and  then. Things are more interesting when they are new, when they are not usual to our eyes. Go on pinterest and decide a theme for your room and start redoing it around the theme.

1.  Push yourself in other areas too: It happens when you push yourself in one area of your life, you want your other areas to be good too. Start going top gym every morning or getting any type of workout in or you can start making your breakfast at home which will motivate you to move ahead.

1.  Meditate to reduce Overwhelmness: Sometimes were are productive for a day or two and then we fall off, we don’t feel like getting back to work, we started to feel anxious. This happens when we overthink about being on track or getting stuff done. This situation leads to overwhelmness and we feel restless and anxious in worst cases. Always start your day with some kind of mindful activity, for me meditation works best and you can practice whatever suits you best.

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