How to Plan Ideal Week for maximum Productivity- Young Entreprenuer

How to Plan Ideal Week for maximum Productivity- Young Entreprenuer

Co-founder of Hubspot Dharmesh Shah said that he likes to break a bigger problem into small chunks which are bite-sized. It’s much easier for a human to perceive a small task and complete it than the massive, giant one and gives the person a  confidence boost that he will conquer the bigger tasks as well. Planning your week ahead of time helps you see those massive tasks from a distance and break them into small, bit-sized chunks along with prioritizing your other important aspects.

Benefits of having an Ideal Week:

1.     You have Increased Productivity: Planning your week ahead gives you the flexibility of visualizing your whole week in a glance due to which you are able to delete all the unnecessary tasks and replace them with the much important ones. Not wasting your time on the tasks that can be talked afterwards or are not that important gives you more head space to focus on what’s really important for that week and makes you more productive.

2.     You develop weekly goals: When you have a clean slate of a whole week ahead, it becomes easier for you to have a vision for the week and set goals for the same. For example, if I am reading a book during that week, I can actually set a goal of no. of pages/chapters per day in order to reach the reading goal of my week. Having Goals is equally important so as to planning because no matter how small they might be but when you achieve them, it works as a power booster to your further performance.

3.     Increased Focus: The main contribution to your lack of focus are your distracting thoughts. We usually tend to get anxious when we know we have a lot of stuff to be done but don’t know from where to start. This happens due to the lack of time management which is offered by planning ahead. Once you have your plan for the week in place you will know exactly what needs to be done at what time and you will be more present and focused.

4.     Easily achieve Deadlines: Many a times it happens that we forget the due-date for any task/project because we already had a lot to do and remembering all the due dates was another task altogether. Writing your deadlines down and then planning your week around them is a great task to easily meet your deadlines without any fuzz.

5.     Enjoy Feeling Of Completion: As we have discussed above that achieving your goals/deadlines gives you a sense of achievement and helps as an booster in your further goals and performances.

How to Plan Ideal Week for Maximum Productivity:

1.     Plan on Monday Mornings/ Sunday Evenings: Studies have shown that planning makes you more productive and giving a correct start to your week is important. I totally understand that not everyone will be comfortable planning on Monday mornings due to their office/work and that’s totally fine because you can prepare your brain a night before as the next morning you will be out and about to conquer the day. For the people, who work from home, Monday mornings will be best to plan the week ahead and get on to the tasks as we usually stay at home and work or café is a good idea too. This is the best way to give your Monday a productive start i.e. through planning the week.

2.     Detox of A day before Planning: When you are planning your week or month or year, it is very important to have your insights and perspectives and social media is quite successful in not letting have us one! While planning ahead you have to be practical and real about your goals and being on social media all day and constantly looking at what your friends have achieved in a short period of time usually makes you loose the ground and be on impractical levels. You know your abilities best and there should be no dilution of your thoughts while setting your goals or planning ahead. Now you can have a 7-8 hour social detox if not a full day before planning.

3.     Use Blocking Method: Now what is blocking Method? Blocking method helps you block out the hours/ days in your planner to dedicate that chunk of time to one task only and helps you increase your focus and productivity. It usually happens that when we sit down to do something, our brain is constantly running on to the other tasks that are pending which results in lack of focus and we usually don’t get anything done. Block method helps you visually and physically block out the time in your calendar so that you have one task for x no. of hours. You can also use your time on the phones to help you set the blocks.

4.     Block out Planning time: As we talked before, just like you will be blocking time for various tasks, you will also have to block the planning time in your calendar. Seeing a block dedicated just for the planning helps you more calm and relaxed about the monthly or yearly goals/tasks.

5.     Review your monthly/yearly goals: There’s one amazing benefit of weekly planning and that is you can easily track your progress towards your big goal. Every week you have a written data of what you have achieved and what still needs to be done. This helps you to review your monthly and yearly goals more effectively as you have been making progress on them consistently.

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