Starting and Running your own Social Network

How or use Social Media for Business

Starting and Running your own Social Network.

Social network is all what you need today to develop the foundation of your newly born business idea or any idea for instead. Connectivity is everything, connectivity to the masses, to audience, to anyone! This could be the best way to find and create your most specific and targeted audience in the near future. Let's not be constricted only to starting off a business, what if you wanted to be an influencer and make your business out of  Youtube or Instagram or any other social media platform.

 Today influencers on Instagram are comfortably earning an amount of 5-6 figure/month, but obviously this doesn't happens overnight, you will need to put in all your sweat and tears but the sure thing is, success will come to you.

 It's never too late though but the competition is really good out there, for every moment that you will be procrastinating, there will be someone out there hustling and putting in the hard work. So, next time you find an excuse to not start your social network already, remember you will be late, as we all have heard the famous saying, hard work beats talent.

Things to keep in mind while starting your Social Network:
It's your first time to start using social media as your business platform, obviously you are not going to make every step a perfect one and instead it should not be. You need to explore and learn, otherwise what's the whole point of doing it. Obviously, I am going to share tips that you can keep in mind while starting off but still you don't have to stick to them. Instead create new tips and ways which can eventually help others but anyways it's all hit and trial method, which eventually leads you to the correct path. Let's dive into the matter now:
  1. Start can be a little slow: If we are talking about mediums such as blogging or video making, obviously nobody is going to watch your video or read your post until you recommend it to somebody or someone that you already know reads it. The reason is, 'Nobody knows your presence on social media!' You have to chisel your way through, carve it out by your own self.  Once you will put out enough content, people who are your targeted audience or people interested in your work will eventually come to you as the changes to find you through searched keywords will increase.
  2. Creating a promotion Strategy: It's ok to not have any following on these platforms, you still have other options. Instagram and Facebook work on follow and following basis, i.e. if you follow people then there is a pretty fair chance that they will follow you back and therefore it is kind of comparatively easy to create a list of people who are aware of your social presence. Here, you need to create a promotion strategy i.e. once you upload your content on Internet, you can promote that on your social sites with an already existing people list and they can further share your content if it is really good.
  3. CONSISTENCY: The only possible way for me to put more emphasis on this point is only by making it bold and that I already have done. Once you start to put out continuous content, your organic audience will come to you naturally. People know your presence only by your work, once your work is gone or taking too long to be delivered, people will find some other platform of their interest because there are millions of such platforms existing out there. The most important thing that you can provide to your audience is your faithfulness, once you keep your promise and show up/deliver on a consistent pace, they will start to empathize with you, which is the no. 1 step in winning your audience. Obviously, you will need to sacrifice some things but if you will prioritize your work first, you will surely win your audience.
  4. Create your secret Ingredient: When you are new in the field then it is natural to look upto someone to start your work journey. And we all have heard the importance of having a mentor and looking upto their work for inspiration. But sometimes we are inspired by others on a level which leads us to drowning and it becomes very hard to establish your own personal style. You cannot stand for long on someone else's foundation, eventually you would have to create your own, an interesting one. People already love that person for their work, why would they love you for the same work? When it's about creating your identity then you have to put your raw self out there with a little twist added!
  5. Aesthetics do play a role: With millions of work, content , accounts already existing out there on social platforms, people has become more and more choosy when it comes to following someone and admiring their work. Obviously, they will admire you if your work is admirable and if you have put in your effort. Majority of the time it's just a matter of scroll and you have to make their scroll worthwhile and the most effective way is to make it aesthetic.
  6. Find a Niche: It's ok to give it a try to everything initially but if you have your niche selected, then it will make the process a whole lot easier and faster. With a specific Niche you will have a specific set of audience and sorted content to create. Also it will bring in more audience as your page will portray topics of their interest. You have to decide whether you want to create content regarding humour, technology, self-help, gaming etc, there are thousands of options out there to choose from.

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