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When should I quit Social Media

When should I quit Social Media

How many times you were scrolling and was stuck to an image which portrayed more beautiful clothes than you own, more beautiful destinations than you have ever been!Majority of the people in those posts have earned that privilege, to be in that location, to wear those clothes, to offer such an amazing service or product and honestly, you can too! but only if you are willing to use your time in present and not in illusion. So, today I was adamant enough to create something which can help us all as a reminder to when should we quit social media.
  1. When you lack self-discipline: This has to top the charts, as it already top the charts of balance in life. Balance between what you do and what you love to do, balance between your dreams and actions, balance between your brain and heart, balance between you and yourself. These balance form the life of dreams, as the beautiful quote states, 'Discipline sets you free!' Discipline as we perceive is not at all only confined with getting things done but more importantly to who you want to become. Social media is so occupying that it barely leaves any space for us to take control of any thought, we become so overwhelmed that we sometimes lose the sight of what's wrong and what not. We don't think twice before jumping in the hole of social media because it is designed to be addictive and when things become too addictive they become too harmful for you. Therefore, as soon as you start to lose control on your actions, the very first thing to do is to quit social media.
  2. When you are not productive: I believe productivity is a system which runs on mind-set. Once you get out of that mind-set, you get out of your productivity zone, naturally. A productive mind-set requires confidence, believe and the urge to make dreams into reality which is very well crushed by social media by replacing it with self-doubt and anxiety. Your productivity is in your hands and so does spending time on social media.
  3. When you body says, it can't: Your body can talk to you and this language is called instincts. Social media not only affects your mental health but also your physical heath. Not getting enough sleep because you were up late scrolling through social media, getting up very late and exceeding your body's sleeping hours because body clock has already been disturbed due to lack of sleep, feeling tired all day and dwelling on caffeinated drinks which in excess leads to anxiety. This is a dangerous loop and you are starting it in your body with all your concern! You have to listen to your body, when it wants to sleep and when it wants to naturally wake up. We are up so late at night with our electronics from which blue light is radiated reducing the production of melatonin in our bodies which is a hormone responsible for sleep. So, next time when your body says, it can't, you know what you need to do.
  4. When you are more anxious than usual: A very big reason of triggering of your anxiety is probably your aimless presence on social media. When you spend your time without any purpose knowing that you have shit ton of work to do, your brain looses it! it's all over the place to bring you back on track but your attention is so much trapped in doing things that will not pay you in any aspect of life, which triggers your insecurities and traps you in the 'what-if' thought process. After waking up, the very first thing majority of the people do is to grab their phone and go straight on social media just to help them wake up a little more, which is eventually the first step you take towards your anxiety, knowingly or unknowingly. You have to stop this process and make your health your priority instead of necessity.
  5. When you want to create: Your creativity is birthed from your stillness and your stillness is birthed from your conscious effort of spending time with yourself and not with social sites. Humans create to feel fulfilled, happy. But when you consume too much and does not create anything out of it, it backfires on you, it make you feel overwhelmed, which is same in the case of social media too. Social media can be a great place to attain motivation and create something out of it but when we sit there consuming information, seeing others create and not doing anything in return, it makes your brain restless. Develop your create-routine and set out days when you want to create and when you want to consume and make sure to not be in touch with social media on create days as it may lead to the endless procrastination.
  6. When you want to get back on track to success: On one hand people say they don't have time for going for a walk, meditate, journal, eat good food and on the other they spend good chunk of time wasting on social media. Take hold of your actions and get back on track by spending your time intentionally. Try to shut your electronics half an hour before going to sleep and read a book instead, wake up an hour early and go out in the nature, take a walk, make a healthy smoothie to treat your body, have a good meditation session and feel what it's like to have concentrated energy, make your body and mind feel good so that they can give back to you.
  7. When you feel alone: Instead of having digital chats, try having a physical conversation, where you can see the happiness on the face of your loved ones and fill your heart with happiness. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your loved ones laughing their heart out of joy. Those are the moments we live for and do all this hard work for. Spending time with them when you feel the connection losing and feeling alone can make a huge difference in both your and their life. You are never alone, it's just you not putting extra effort towards anyone and letting yourself open.

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