21 Tips for creating life you want

21 Tips for creating life you want:

Who doesn’t want a life made out of desires, goals and values that is not only enjoyable but fulfilling too.

Every human have a different perspective to what an ideal life should be and therefore different habits need to be incorporated in order to create a life you want.

 In this post I will be sharing with you tips that will help you create a desirable life. It’s not at all important to follow or resonate to each and every tip and you can totally pick out any of the tips listed down below in accordance to what suits you best.

·        Define your productive hour: We all have our own designated productive hours, the only difference is some are aware of it and some are not. Define the hours in which you are most productive i.e. morning hours, night hours, afternoon hours etc.

·        Have a life map: A life map talks about all the different aspects of life in one go. You will have an overview of where you are at in life in different aspects.

·        Make brainstorm MANDATORY: Designate a day in the week to brainstorming and generating ideas. It will change the entire scenario!

·        Have a dedicated review day:  It is very important to review the goals or actions that you are taking to ensure that you are headed in the right direction.

·        Have a motivational playlist: Create a playlist that will inspire you to work. Change this playlist occasionally so that you are not bored.

·        Make your work place aesthetical: Now, the aesthetics of the place totally depends on your perspective, It can be minimalist or totally colorful.

·        Take getaways to generate ideas: Take ideal breaks or getaways to come up with different ideas or goals.

·        Make your diet conscious: Be conscious and aware of what you are putting inside your body as your gut is your second brain.

·        Have a pamper/relaxing day: The importance/value of working hard will only take place when you are giving your body the privilege of breaks.

·        Workout: Move your body to make your brain function properly and increase your focus.
·        Read Books: If you are a creator or in general a person who values insights and knowledge, reading is a one stop solution for you.

·        Practice Meditation: When you are trying to manifest good things in life, meditation is a must practice as it aligns your thoughts  with your desires and deeds.

·        Practice Yoga: Be conscious of your actions and surroundings. In order to align your body with soul and mind, yoga is the best practice.

·        Start making lists: Whenever you feel stuck, create lists!
·        Wake up early: Give yourself the privilege of breathing and manifesting in the fresh air offered by mother nature.

·        Align yourself with a purpose: I know it is easy said than done but trying different things is the solution. You need to explore different things and get out of your comfort zones in order to know what you are aligned towards or your natural calling.

·        Give Importance to your sleep: There nothing in the world that can refresh you  better than a good night sleep. Consuming energy drinks might  work but are harmful for a long run. Try consuming chamomile tea (helps reduce anxiety and induces sleep naturally) or aroma therapy by using different fragrances such as lavender(known for its calming properties)  etc.

·        Invest time in how you look: I know looks doesn’t matter but when you are uncomfortable in the way you are looking then it’s a path to self-sabotage. Test and try what your personality holds and in what you feel the most comfortable.

·        Build a Social presence: Whatever you do today, building a social presence and audience will always help you. Try posting out articles, blogs, videos, short clips, pictures, anything that you are comfortable with.

·        Drink hell lot of water: Cannot put much pressure on this point, I am sipping my water right now!

·        Listen to your body: It’s good to push yourself a little extra but neglecting your body will always bounce back to you with a negative impact. Eat when you feel hungry, sleep when you are exhausted, relax when you feel your are tired (not applicable for people who are pro-chillers), Workout when you experience lack of motivation or creative blockage!

These are some of the tips that I have been using from years and they have always worked for me in respect to the type of situation or state of mind.
When I feel uninspired, I prefer waking up early and rescheduling my routine. When I have deadlines I prefer focusing more on my diet because I know I am more dominated by my instant emotions when under pressure.
So, as I emphasized before, you can take out the tips that makes you feel happy and floats your boat!

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