5 Things to do daily to be more productive:

5 Things to do daily to be more productive:

Being busy can be different from being productive. Productive means you are more efficient and intentional with what you are doing and are not just occupied with your actions. Sometimes we get stuck in the illusional web of being on the go and miss out on the present moment.

It’s the simple things in life that can lead to great change and can bring the whole difference between being productive and busy.

You can be productive and still have the time to relax and enjoy with your loved ones without sacrificing the growth of your business or work in general by developing some simple habits on a daily basis.

1.      Having your first meal intentionally: I have been trying to be intentional with my food lately, especially about my first meal of the day.

 The very first thing I do when I wake up is to chug a liter water on my empty stomach or a glass of warm water with lemon, on the days when I feel fancy.

 Having water on empty stomach gives my digestive system a very good kick and I feel more active while enjoying my early mornings.

My first meal of the day determines my energy level for the day. I tend to have my productive hours either early in the morning or after mid-afternoon when the slump is over.

Therefore having a breakfast which is light and still provides me with good nutrients is a win-win for me. Some of my favorite breakfast ideas are- overnight oats, a large platter of fruits, sprouted lentils or soya chunks.

2.      A must quiet time: I tend to be more intentional with my morning ritual when I know I have a lot to be done in the day.

This habit of mine have always helped me to be keep calm and composed throughout the day while making important decisions for my work or going through some challenging situations.

Once I started noticing the impact it was having on me, I made a point to have my quiet time intentionally, everyday!

Having your mind in place and sane is the best thing when life hits hard and situations can be really messy when you are trying to build your own thing, your own business.

Set a step by step ritual that works for you in the mornings based on the amount of time you have or the practices that work for you.

Include a practice in your morning routine that helps you bring your brain in a rhythmic routine with your body. Meditation and yoga combined are very good practices when it comes to syncing your body with your mind.

3.      Start scheduling your work: The more you take your work professionally, the more you will be punctual while reporting to it.

It can become really hard sometimes to gather the motivation to work especially when you are working from home.
Scheduling out your days will always help you to be more efficient, as you will be clear about the stuff you want to knock off from your to do list.

I prefer scheduling my week beforehand as it is much easier to plan out the days and schedule different events without forgetting any urgent tasks.

Google Calendar and Asana are two of my most favorite online platforms for scheduling and planning out my weeks or even months beforehand.

Though I always prefer making a physical to do list daily, as it helps me to set a mental rhythm and gets me excited to start ticking off the tasks from the list.

4.      Always set a finishing line: It is very important to realize the power of reset, in terms of your brain and your body.

Initially, I use to be very inefficient with my work pattern. Either I would spend long countless hours working on a project or I would not touch the project for a week straight. This pattern really made me suffer in terms of my focus and eventually resulted in work burnout.

Not giving enough time to my body and brain made me more inefficient with my work and eventually my productivity hours declined rapidly.

Having a set time daily to get off work helps your brain and body to have enough time to relax, reset and recharge for an effective and productive next day.

Finish your day with a routine consisting of simple steps that will help you have a good night sleep along with maintaining your mental sanity.

5.      Review your analytics daily: This is more sort of a business productivity habit which have proven to be very useful in developing a self-motivation routine for my own self.

 Initially, I use to be very reluctant in following up my daily analytics or daily performance due to the fear of performance or the fear of putting out my content in public and being judged.
This fear lead to a very slow progress in my work and made me unmotivated because of the lack of response to my work.

As I started to analyze my work daily and figuring out what is working and what is not, I saw a clear change in my work ethic, as now I knew the sections where I lagged and needed to work upon.

You can either analyze your work digitally or physically. Personally I like using physical medium. Writing down my analytics on a piece of paper makes it more personal and motivating to me.


These are some of the very basic habits that I have been following for a month now and have seen a drastic change in my work ethic, productivity as well as a good increase in my work graph.

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