Hacks to get over Laziness and get shit done

Hacks to get over Laziness and get shit done:

Let’s be real, we all feel lazy at some of time in life and have experienced the drawbacks of being a couch ball. We all should take out time and have the privilege of being lazy but having that privilege 24*7 is a problem. Sometimes, it turns into a habit which further can give birth of severe procrastination. In this post, I will be sharing with you hacks that will not only help you be less lazy but also get things done!

·      5 second rule: 5-4-3-2-1, GO! 5 second rule by Mel Robbins is a great kick starter when you have been procrastinating for long and want to end the chain. I know it can be hard initially, it was for me, lol. But when you start to take actions on commands given by your brain, it becomes quite easy to start doing things.

·      Start the flow with simple house chore: Our brain usually play tricks when you know the work that needs to be done will require efforts. But if you start the process with simple things which doesn’t requires much of an effort such as folding laundry, putting away dishes or cleaning your counter top etc. then it becomes more easy to get things done as you have already created a  work flow.

·      Create your motivation: The surroundings we live in or work have a high impact on our brain as well as our productivity. Set up your work place and make it suitable for you. Having a place that excites you will really make a huge difference in the way you work.

·      Go back to your WHY: Its quiet easy to get into the hold of emotions or let them rule you but taking some time to reflect on your why will always play a gamechanger card for you.

·      Keep your surroundings organized: Out of sight, Out of mind! Small things give rise to bigger issues and same is when you know you need to clean your room/space but don’t because you were too lazy to get out of bed.  Our brain is quite expert in creating mess in our head and the least we can do is to keep our surroundings clean.

·      Don’t break the chain: Once you get into the flow of things, just don’t break it. Our discipline and consistency builds when we try enough to stick to them.

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