How to develop a Good Morning Routine:

How to develop a Good Morning Routine:

Having a morning routine is quite a hype, but in a good way. With thousands of options present on the internet it is hard to choose which morning routine will be best for you, but the good news is you can decide for your own self. The only problem faced while developing one is when you don’t know exactly what to do and in this post we will be discussing exactly that. This post will tell you how you can possibly map out your morning routine, if you want to you can try out the exactly same steps but experimenting with the steps will give you more space to be authentic and real with your actions, let’s start:

1.     Notice when your body wakes up naturally: Fixing rigid hours for waking up in the morning can be hard sometimes and our body can feel a little drained out through out the day. Instead, observe how many hours of sleep does your body requires. For a teenager it is usually around 7-9 hours of sleep and for an adult around 6-8 hours of sleep. Get yourself to sleep around same time every day, in order to know what your natural body clock is. You will realize that your body will respond to the mornings itself, when provided with undisturbed sleep pattern and screen free night.

2.     Notice what your first thoughts are: The very first thoughts that come to your mind after waking up actually defines what your current mindset is. Few months back, I use to wake up really anxious, thinking about all the possibilities of not achieving my goals or not being good enough. Practicing gratitude and meditation has really helped a lot in taking my negative thoughts a back seat and wake me up with a feeling of thankfulness and gratitude.

3.     Nourish your Body: ‘The best gift you have received is your body!’ After Waking up, consume something that will help you to wake up a little more and also nourishes your body. You can have a glass of warm water with lemon, a glass of normal water, some type of tea, black coffee, really anything, the only condition is it should be healthy. Nourishing your body as first thing in the morning is a way to be thankful to have a healthy body and show some self-love which starts the day on a positive note.

4.     Loosen up your Body: Once you are fully awake, it’s time to get into your conscious self. There is a huge difference between being awake and being conscious about things. Everything you do serves to a purpose, whether it is a purpose which leads to a healthy body, healthy mindset, a successful business, anything! The best way to practice consciousness is Yoga. Yoga helps your body to stretch away all the stress that your body have developed while sleeping and all the anxiousness that your mind have been collecting.

5.     Reflecting on the day: While you are doing your morning ritual, you will be gradually attaining a mindset to start with the day along with it. Based on the mindset and the way you are feeling at that point of time, set an agenda for the following day. Mindset is a really powerful tool when addressed with real intentions and doing so can change your entire day for good.

6.     Plan out the day: Divide a piece of paper into two sections by drawing a line and mark ‘goals’ and ‘to do’ on top of both the sections. Write down your three major goals of the month and aligning with these three goals, assign three tasks that you will be tackling for the day and after that add any other chore in your to do list. In this way you will ensure that you are taking actions towards your goals every single day and will help you to be more productive.

7.     Read or Listen to something: I love to read books in the mornings, really helps me to set the tone for the day. Reading books in the morning, more than often helps me to come up with the new ideas and provides me with the motivation to work on my goals. But if you don’t have the time to read you can totally opt for listening to podcasts.

8.     Give yourself time while getting ready: Always, always take your sweet time while getting ready for the day. You feel confident when you know you are looking good and put together. Grab your coffee, play your favourite playlist or podcasts in the background and start getting ready! Even when I am working from home I notice a great difference when I put in time getting ready verses when I don’t.

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