How to plan your Sunday for a Productive Week

Things to do on Sunday to have a productive week:

Sunday can be the epitome of everything you do during your week or should I say everything you do in your productive week.

Developing a vision for the week can make you a lot more clear about your tasks and goals throughout your week.

Listing out your goals and then turning them into a list for the day is a great to be productive along with being aligned with your goals. Sometimes we are quite busy throughout the day but doesn’t feel accomplished when the day is over.

This happens when your subconscious knows that you were busy doing tasks that were not aligned with your vision or with your goals. This post will be sharing some of the hacks or habits to use or develop for making your Sunday the epitome of your productive week.

1.      Brainstorm your way through: The first step towards anything creative or developing you can take is brainstorming.

It helps you dump out your brain on a piece of paper and analyze it to take further steps. We all have a basement full of ideas in our brain but the absence of right medium to convert them into reality is missing.

Having a brain dump is the initiation of that right medium. Jot down everything you want to do, scribble over your thoughts, make it personal to take actions mindfully and not out of rage.

2.    Have a GYST day: Get your shit together, as soon as you get the time to do so and what day can be better than Sunday!

Clean your laundry for the week, make a meal prep plan if your are working or a student to save you time throughout the week, clean your apartment, do things that make you feel prepared for the week.

Make a list of things that you want to achieve throughout the month and then sort a little in context to your week.
Have a little pamper day before starting your week, apply a face mask, have a nice head wash etc.

3.    Workout, to set the tone: Yes! Get a workout in on a Sunday! It’s quite hard to motivate yourself to go get a workout in on a Monday morning especially when you are not that much into working out.

The solution to this is: set the tone with your Sunday so that the only thing you have to do is to continue the chain of working out and not to start one!
4.    Pick 3 major goals for the week: Don’t get much carried away while assigning the tasks or setting up your goals for the week.

Pick any 3 tasks for your week that are aligned with your goals and try to focus on them instead of dwelling on 10 different things. Now, these 3 can have different dimensions such as physical health, business, mental health etc.

5.    Schedule your week including time blocking and time sparing: While you are planning your week ahead either you should have all the information about the tasks to be performed that week or you assign spare pockets of time to fit in any urgent or new task.

My classes are going to revive tomorrow after summer break and I don’t have any clue regarding the type or number of assignments that I am going to get this new semester.
But I had to plan ahead to keep my content and uploads on track and so in such scenario I planned out spare time in which I can fit in my urgent assignments.

Planning spare pockets of time help you be flexible and be on track with your work as you know what needs to be done at what time!

Sunday can be more fun when we start to enjoy it along with making plans and preparing for the week ahead.

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