Ways to get out of a rut and reset

Ways to get out of a rut and reset:

Getting stuck in life is normal and we all have been there but living there is not a good idea if you are aiming to achieve big goals.

When things start to feel blank and you don’t feel getting anywhere in life, that is the point where you realize you are in a rut.

Getting stuck is normal but letting it dwell on you is not and therefore in this post I will be sharing with you some of the habits that can help you immensely to get out of a rut.

1.      Having an acceptance: No big thing can start with a fake layer of attitude and here it is about bringing a change within yourself.

In order to bring in the change you need to be receptive of the good and bad aspects of things first. Have an acceptance that you are stuck and then make a strong decision of getting out of it.

Give yourself the ultimate power to correct your own self and work on it!

2.      Write about it: Sometimes all you need is to get your feelings, your thoughts out.

If you are a person who is not comfortable much with writing then reach out to a friend who you think will be patient enough to listen about your situation and give you a feedback.

If you are comfortable with writing and like to jot down your thoughts then the first thing you should be doing is to dump all your thoughts on a piece of paper!

Dumping out your thoughts help you analyze situations more clearly and up close because you bring out those situations from back of your mind to your conscious state.

3.      Indulge in a new activity: Give yourself a new reason to do things, a new adrenaline rush to push you out of your comfort zone.

I am water phobic and recently enrolled in a swimming class. Doing some form of exercise makes my body and mind sane and helps it to function properly without throwing any unnecessary tantrums.

 Going to a swimming class was a step further in pushing my comfort zone and every time end of the class is immensely rewarding with self-satisfaction!

4.      Change up your Routine: Things become obvious for your brain when you do them regularly but not doing things on a consistent basis prevents it from forming into a habit.

In order to spice things up and give your brain a little twist of change try shuffling your habits or routines.

If you normally workout in the morning then try doing it in the evening. If you go for a walk in the evening, switch it up in the morning with your workout.

Just jumble up the things to make them a little more interesting or you can develop an entire new routine to give your body a break and start again.

5.      Develop a healthy eating pattern: It’s hard to quit eating junk and processed food initially but once you feel the energy in your body and the changes that has happened due to your conscious eating, you will never want to go back again.

Your regular urge to eat junk will be thrown away once you get into the habit of eating healthy. It’s just a matter of giving a kick start and rest will follow.
Eating consciously will help you listen to your body more instead of your habitual urges.


Getting out of a rut needs a simple change i.e. change in your state of mind. When you are adamant enough to bring a change, you will be strong enough to take an action as well.

All you need to do is, take action!

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