10 ways to make your life a lot better, everyday!

10 ways to make your life a lot better, everyday!

Sometimes we get caught up in life so much that the simple things that we use to do to make life a little bit better starts fading away.

Doing small things on a daily basis and incorporating them in your routine while enjoying them is a game changer!

In this post I am going to share with you 10 things that you should do everyday to make your life better instantly!

1.      Read devotional daily: Being anchored to something positive is a must. Everyday comes with a new wave of challenge and get caught up is really easy. Every morning, while having breakfast or whatever way suits you, read a devotional or a book that gives you a boost of positivity.

2.      Wake up an hour or two early: The best of the day, having coffee and working on yourself!

3.      Yoga: If you are not a big fan of working out or stretching or even if you don’t have that much of time in the morning, just set aside 5 mins for yoga and see your life transforming.

4.      Get ready for work/college: One thing that makes me feel I can have anything today is, getting dressed and heading of the door!

5.      Coffee or your favourite drink: I am emotionally much attached to coffee as I am tired half of the time but you can have any drink or beverage you love. Having a little time aside for yourself and your coffee instantly lifts up the mood.

6.      Be grateful: There is no better feeling than being grateful!

7.      Clean up every night: Always, have a clean up session before going to bed. A clean environment helps your mood drastically.

8.      Making a list: I love making lists for the next day as it helps to see view my day at a glance.

9.      Take out your clothes, the night before: Always saves you time and energy.

10.   Don’t rush your breakfast: Have a healthy breakfast while being mindful, changes the entire game.

Pro tip: Take your sweet time and always enjoy the process of doing things mentioned above!

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