Motivation hacks to still get the best out of 2019!

Motivation hacks to still get the best out of 2019!

Barely two and a half months and all the lime light will be snatched away by the new year. And why not, it’s a new year with 12 new months and 365 different opportunities. But, I have a question for you. What about the 75 opportunities and two brand new month still remaining in the lap of 2019.
It’s easy to distract our mind with new pictures of us doing great in 2020, which is not a bad idea at all but we have to remember that it was the same trap we went through the last year, in 2018.

Sometimes motivation can be a great barrier in our way to being productive and getting towards our goals. There have been times when one day I am motivated to plan out my week and start getting the work done and on the other, all I want to do is lay in bed and do nothing, literally nothing.
Brain fog is a very big cause of not being motivated and not getting things done or falling into the non-ending cycle of procrastination. Brain fog can be caused by various reasons such as unhealthy lifestyle, not exercising etc.

Many times your brain fog is a product of not feeding your brain the right fuel or the right information which is becoming quite prominent with infinite content present on the internet to be watched and read.

Motivation Hacks

1.      Practice Time Blocking method: It is a very practical method when it comes getting your things together. Many a times we have so much to be done that it becomes quite hard for our brain to set out the priorities.

For important projects, that are usually big and take considerably long hours to get done, dedicate a day or two out of the week just to focus on that particular project or dedicate a day for all the calls that you attend regarding your business.

Blocking out your days help your brain to get into the flow of things and shuffle between millions. It will help your brain to not get overwhelmed and help the motivation  chain running.

2.      Always plan your week ahead: Sometimes we just forget or are too tired to get into the hustle of planning your day, every day.

Instead, a method which helps me the most is planning my week beforehand. Planning my week in advance helps me to see the whole week in a single glance which helps me to block out the free time and do something relaxing or productive if want to.

Being a blogger and an architecture school student, I really need to find my pockets of free time which I will be dedicating to self-care.

Having free pockets of time ahead helps my brain to not act randomly and make wrong decisions of binge watching youtube or Netflix as I know I have set aside time for all such things.

3.      Right fuel is the key: Feeding your brain the right food is the key to stay motivated. It is quite easy for our brain to get out of focus when it comes to visioning our goals.

 Every day, consume something in the form of reading or listening or writing which helps you keep track of your goals. Books, podcasts, audiobooks are a great way of consuming good brain food on a daily basis.

4.      Set accountable goals: Sometimes, It becomes hard to think on practical levels when you have so much to do and achieve which can prove to be a big barrier in terms  of your motivation.

Sit down with a pen and paper and write all your goals down and be as random and unorganized you can be in terms of jotting them down, our thoughts are never streamlined and the idea is to get them out as they are.

Once you are done writing them down, copy the projects or tasks on another paper this time in an organized manner and allot months, weeks or days these tasks will be taking, you don’t need to be very specific here.

Further, breakdown those projects into smaller chunks along with the days or hours required to get them done.

5.      Set a night routine: The way you spend your hours before going to bed can dictate a lot of things for the next day. Your mornings, your first morning thought, your intention for the day and list goes on. The quality and amount of sleep you are getting is directly linked to your motivation and productivity.

Bonus tip: Music always get you going. Create your own motivational playlist

It’s always the small steps which help you to keep your sanity on track and motivation going. Be conscious of your steps and actions. Every moment you are experiencing comes with a decision to be made and it can be as small as getting to sleep early or binge watch a certain show.
Your decisions play a very big role in how you function in a long run and you should make them accordingly.

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