Success Mindset for 2020

Success Mindset for 2020

New year is little far from around the corner but preparing for the best needs to be started now! I don’t how many of you found 2019 to be your year but for me it was the other way around. 2019 gave me a lot of self- evaluation stages where I was able to find and pick my mistakes or we can say more of my known procrastination.

Procrastination was occupying a major part of life lately. It was not alone procrastination which was the ultimate barrier but the factors which lead me towards it too. Mindlessly and more of without any physical and mental control I use to spend hours on social media, my phone, a device which usually makes me cringe on smallest of the things.

All these situations were self-built and 2019 gave me the time to evaluate all of that but I was not quite able to use the analysis to the fullest. I starting working on a few projects separately, none of which came to a finish form which gave me enough anxiety to ignore what was going on.

Here we are almost a month and a half early, waiting for the new year to arrive with all the analysis and the evaluation in hand. This post is all going to be about the mindset you need to quite slay your presence in your own world, literally. There will be a whole series following this post which will help all of us to gear for the new year and most importantly the new opportunities!

1.      Count your Positives, not Negatives: It is more of a psychological factor that we call, “self-sabotaging”. A great example of this factor that we practice daily is questioning ourselves at the end of the day when we are ticking of the things from our to-do list.

Some days we are able to kick of the things listed but on some it doesn’t seems like a success. But that’s ok, not every day can be same and instead of nudging yourself for not completing certain tasks on the list always count the no. of things you were able to achieve that day.
Never overestimate the things you can do in a day and never underestimate things you can do in a year. Bill Gates

2.      Give back to your body and mind: It is usually easy said than done, it was never a piece of cake for me to give back to my body and mind till I kept doing it and starting to notice the change.
I was not dwelling in the negative mindset anymore, I was more confident than I ever use to be, stopped negative self-talk, got more clear about the steps I wanted to take and most important, was comfortable with my own self.

Practices I was consistent in were meditation, reading books, spending alone time with self especially in the early mornings!

It is never easy until you try it and keep up with the track!

3.      Develop a Routine: Now, it will be quite a waste of time if I started talking about the benefits of developing a routine because WE ALL KNOW IT!
Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily express our characters- Stephen Covey

Not having a morning routine was one my most degrading practice I had in most of 2019. Developing a routine can be hard sometimes especially when there is so much content present on the net for the same.

The only key to your perfect morning routine is “hit and trial method”. You will have to try out new things everyday till you are satisfied with the most important process of the day. I have done a separate post on how to develop a good morning routine, I hope I will help you.

4.      Use social media only to elevate you: It will not be feasible to say quit social media, delete all the apps as many of you have a prominent presence of such platforms and are developing your personal brand in a way or the other.

Social media can be drowning and we all know that but using it in moderation can help you go a long way. I don’t have Instagram on my phone, it distracted me a lot and was a prone cause of my chronic procrastination.

I have never been so relieved in my life, it is quite freeing. Instead, you can use these platforms for gaining ideas, knowledge or solve your queries.

Listening to podcasts in the morning, watching youtube to gain knowledge and not just to mindlessly wander between millions of videos is the best of both worlds.
Some of my favorite podcasts are: The Tim Ferris Show, Tony Robbins Podcast

5.      Have reset schedules: We are human beings and we tend to build stress throughout the process of getting things done or as simple as while reaching for our goals. We need reset schedules in order to keep our sanity intact and our brain calm.

Saturday or Sunday or any other preferred day, block out the day to perform your reset schedule which will target your brain, body, soul, ambitions, goals etc. all at once. This will be day for setting manifestations, to feel alive again which will be a part of who you are. Soon, I will be sharing a reset routine to help you revamp the inner energies.
It is not the big possibilities but the small steps that will get you there. You can find your possibilities daily and if not you can always create one. Happiness is a choice and yes, it can be subjective. Living your life with fulfillment comes with a certain track walked with certain inner achievements.
These mindset habits are simple but needs patience to be embedded within ourselves. The results will be quite prominent and impactful.

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