5 Life-Changing habits for 2020!

5 Life-Changing habits in 2020!

We have entered the new year, a new decade altogether. The only problem is you want new amazing things happen to you with the old habits.

But the truth is, positive attract positive and new, better efforts will attract bigger, amazing results.

Before beginning to spill the habits you should take up to step up your effort game one thing which I want to focus upon, without which none of the habit will bring any good to you is “Consistency”!

I can be sitting here all day typing out some good words of inspiration or motivation but at the end of the day it is you who should get their butt up, go out and hustle.

“It is quite easy to compare the results of people with your ongoing process.”

Focus on the process of the people you admire and not the results that they have achieved after putting in so much of an effort.

Once you are done reading and analyzing all the habits I am going to tell you, get a notebook, a pen and start writing down the goals you desire or want to hit at the end of 2020 and start the hustle baby!

So, here are the 5 life-changing habits to develop in 2020!

1.      Always plan ahead to have a focused vision : As I have already told you, once you are done reading this post, get up and start writing your goals so that you set your vision clear.

 It is very easy to get distracted. Literally, an ad will pop in any corner if the screen and boom! Your concentration is gone, your vibrations are disturbed.

The most focused you are, more your positive energy will reflect out making you more energetic on a daily basis. Always remember it is a brain game, you decide, you do!

2.      Raise your positive vibrations and how: Everyday dedicate your 30 min to an hour to raising your bar of your presence, your livelihood, your state-of-mind altogether.

Once you are in flow of this you will realize you are more active, calm and relaxed in your daily life which is very important to make some big decisions in your business, career, relationship or life in general. Now comes the ‘how’ part.

The process of raising your vibrations is an easy task provided you are working on it daily. 

Meditating, having sound and undisturbed 6-7 hours of sleep, letting your body experience the present moment by breathing heavily, doing yoga.

3.      More good you feed to your brain, more smarter it will be: Mind over body. Your brain is the game changer. A small decision made in the moment can change the rest of your life just like the butterfly effect.

It is very important to keep a check on what your brain is feeding on, is it reading good books or binging on a reality drama series.

Make smart choices and keep away from negative people and negative thoughts. Read books, listen to podcasts or audio-books, use your time and effort intentionally.

4.      Move your body daily: This can be a little too cliché but the important habits in life are the most basic ones. You need to move your body to relief the stress from your body and create more space for new hustles and better results.

5.      Wake up early: I am a firm believer of waking up early and getting half of your things done while half of the world is still sleeping.

Waking up early provides you with immense self-discipline as it is very to get distracted as there is no disturbance.

You will start to respect your time more and develop more new habits easily as you will be more consistent towards them.

These were some  of the habits that will 100% provide you with better results and success provided you are consistent and intentional with them!

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