How to keep yourself motivated Naturally

How to keep yourself motivated Naturally

I am an air “moon” and fire “sun” sign and it can get extremely hard for me to stay on track and keep myself motivated.

The air part of me always wants to be free from any schedules and dwell more into the intangible threads of life, on the other hand the fire part of me wants to be more composed and on track with physically visible results. You can say sometimes I find myself stuck in between the unsolvable maze of being an entrepreneur and an artist.

Lately, I have been a lot more anxious and stressed as I am about to complete my graduation degree. I will be an Architect, ooohh chills! The practical and more sober world is going to hit me real hard soon but the thought that drives me insane the most is the struggle to keep myself sane and motivated through the unploughed fields of corporate life.

My 7 year old friendship buddy was in town a week ago and we randomly decided to go explore some difficult treks. We got on our bikes and started to head a little more above the sea level. I love mountains and I can just let them be in me forever and going to explore more of their heart was an excellent idea.

At around 2000 m above the sea level, I realized that this was the first time we were energized in the best way possible even after riding almost for an hour on the most difficult blind turn roads.
I was quite shocked with the fact that the event that should have exhausted us the most became the most interesting path to explore (we still had to cover 1.5 hours of the journey).

As I was thinking the reason for me to be motivated and excited than ever, the thought struck me hard! It was because of the small, enjoyable breaks we have been taking throughout the journey. I am an  architecture student and unfortunately trained to sit and work for long, unstoppable hours.

It was not something I didn’t knew before but something I had never practiced.

Not having any break even through your most passionate project can make it more monotonous and boring. Taking small breaks makes your journey even more interesting, motivated and explorable!

Do write your ways of taking small breaks below!

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