6 Productive things to do in self-quarantine

6 Productive things to do in self-quarantine

When we talk about self-isolation, the concept is not very well known by a lot of people but now, as it has become the inevitable situation why not do or create something interesting and be productive!

I am not here to tell you that this is the best time to be productive or anything because frankly it can be a little overwhelming to understand and process all of the things that has been going on around in the world. We need to raise our positive vibrations in order to let the inner peace light up again and also to send out the same energies out in the world.

So today we are going to discuss ways you can spend your time effectively and productively.

1.      Curate a business plan and start working on it: I know it can be a little too much when I say start a freaking business! But trust me, you really don’t need anything other than a laptop to start curating your own business plan. You can take help of pinterest templates to help you guide through the process.

2.      Build your Instagram profile/brand: We all have a personal brand. If you have an account on any of the social media platform you are bound to have a brand! Why not instead build it in the direction of your goals. Pick up a niche and post relatable and valuable content regularly!

3.      Start up with a blog!: I mean I love writing and I will definitely suggest everyone to write! The easiest and fun thing to spend your time productively is to write. You get to express yourselves and people get to read about it!

4.      Read about the statistics in your field: The best way to get into particular field of interest is by reading about it and exploring its statistics of the previous years. We have all the time to research about things and curate the information about things.

5.      Read: Read anything! Literally reading can be one of the most effective habit when we talk about self-development.

6.      Invest time in exploring spirituality: I mean it is upto you whether you want to invest your time in such explorations or not. But for people who are interested in self-exploration and evaluation this is the perfect time to dwell deep into the things that are more connecting to the universe and the energies!

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