How to develop habits and be productive while in self- quarantine!

How to develop habits and be productive while in self- quarantine

Honesty, its been a hard to get kind of times of humanity. It’s really taking much more energy and effort for my brain to understand what’s going on and create a sane picture out of it.

The pressure of being productive and get some long awaited projects on the track again is real and honestly, in a way this quarantine period is the best time to get some real stuff done and get in a routine by forming some great habits.

Ideally it takes around 60 days to form a concrete habit but the foundation is said to be laid in 21 days and this is the perfect time for all of us to hop on the opportunity (especially all my native Indian people who are under lockdown for exactly 21 days, what a coincidence!)

So, in this post we will be taking about how we can develop some cool as* habits while self-quarantining!

1.      Follow up through an existing habit: Our conscious is quite busy tackling the uncertain tasks in life and honestly, we humans are on autopilot mode for maximum hours of the day. So why not make these autopilot options more productive ones.

We all have habits, whether it is brushing your teeth or taking a bath. All you have to do is associate your new habit with the existing one.

Once you are done with brushing your teeth, you will head straight to grab your yoga mat and practice some yoga or once you are done making your coffee you will straight away grab your book and will be seated for whatever minutes you like to read.

2.      Time block: It can be extremely hard to get into a new habit or in a situation which really serves you but is out of your comfort zone.

The biggest enemy here is your focus which is as wiggly as a piece of jelly. We all are surrounded with distractions all the time and hence focusing on a certain task or habit becomes even more difficult.

Focus is the key. Whenever you are trying to read block a certain period by setting a timer on your phone. Don’t forget to turn off notifications!

3.      Focus on doing one right thing in the morning: We all have heard, one who wins the morning , wins the day.

While you are self- isolating and trying to play your part in serving the world, it can sometimes become hard to follow a solid or dedicated routine.

So, instead of pushing yourself too hard try doing one right thing in the morning to get your day started on the right track. That one thing can be waking up early, or exercising, or reading a chapter, really anything you prefer.

4.      Fuel your interests and make habits around them: The best way of getting through something which is new or a little uncomfortable is by fueling your interests or imagination.

You can starting taking guitar lessons and once everything starts getting back to normal you can reward yourself by buying a new guitar or by joining a professional guitar learning course.

You can utilize this time to kickstart writing your long awaited book or revive your blog!
If you liked this post, don’t forget to share your opinions or ways of being productive and setting up new habits in the comment section below!

(Hint: Next blog will be productive and self-evolving habits to build while self-quarantining!)

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