Mental Health Habits to help sail through 2020

Mental Health Habits to help sail through 2020

“Brain” most complex mechanism we have on earth, “mind” most delicate and integrated soft-ware that runs the sophisticated machine we call “Humans”. Having a fair understanding of what our brain is trying to say and what our mind is trying to interpret is hard and sometimes it can be really overwhelming that it all turns its face towards the untouched reality of civilized society i.e. anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Sadly, this is the reality for a lot of us today but I want you to understand that there is always a way out and you are not alone, and I mean it, you are NOT alone!


Today we are going to discuss a few methods or lifestyle practices that can help you to ease down your brain stimuli which sometimes makes a simple situation into the climb of Everest.


"Respond" not React


It all depends upon the way we respond to things and be careful when I say respond and not “react”. It is very easy to react to the surroundings as it is a sudden reaction of a living organism with a basic memory but when we are talking about humans we have the capability of reacting based on our understanding and discriminative brain and hence “responding”.


The amount of empathy and gratitude we have towards our surroundings is directly reflected in our thoughts and projections. We have to understand it all starts from within and I want to be very clear here because I know it may sound cliché but it is the way energy flows and we all quite agree with the flow of energy and the way it flows.


To let the positive energy flow through you, you need to be more receptive to good vibrations, and for that, you have to create good vibrations.


Cleanse your Energies


A human brain is capable of generating various thoughts, actually, millions of them within a span of a day and hence are created the most fundamental outcome i.e. emotions. We all know emotions are never the same, never have the same flow and even the same frequency. The amount of frequency defines the flow of energy and your overall mood.


“Meditation” is a very powerful tool to cleanse your energy. Taking out 10-15 mins daily can make a significant difference between your state of mind. It is very easy to let negative thoughts dominate our very own existential tool, our mind, and rooting it down, even for a few minutes can do wonders in the directions of being more conscious and cleansing your energies.


Create a Healing Environment


I once read in a book, “The world is not a healer and you have to create your own healing environment”. This statement can be proven correct in so many ways in towards scenario of the society. Especially the virtual reality we are living in i.e. the social media. It’s quite hard to find true connections and tell if the other person is being true or not.


In order to create a healing environment, firstly you need to optimize your social media time, it’s a must. You need to be more in the present moment rather than on your phone.


Dedicate a certain no. of hours towards reading, whatever heals your soul, self-development, spirituality, business, etc. anything! Dedicate certain time where you spend time with yourself without involving in any other activity, it can be in the form of a walk, meditation, yoga, journaling, etc.


Make your present more mindful and conscious. Take account of all the small things around you, allow yourself to be vulnerable but never allow yourself to dwell in that situation, and take care of your overall health.


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