How to become a Content Writer

 How to become a Content Writer

Content writer is a versatile professional option today. You can easily earn good money sitting at the comfort of your home or your desired place when it comes to this content writer job or working as a content writer.

The fact that content writers love to work as freelance content writers explains the remote nature of this job.

The demand for content writers is increasing as the business world is approaching the online market. 

Content is the king and rightfully so! If your content is unable to explain your brand value or what you are offering as a service or product, it just defies the purpose of it in the first place.

Now the question which pops up or can be seen everywhere especially by the people who are in this field or are trying to step in this profession is, “How to become a content writer?” as there is no specific professional course or degree for it.

To be honest there is no one right answer to this and this makes this professional even more versatile as you can always create your own story. But surely, In this post I am going to share steps which helped me become one and how I chose to create my story or steps towards this profession.

Just to give you guys a back context, I am an architect by profession. I was always fascinated by writing, words and reading books. So, in all that was technically the start point of my journey.

I chose to explore this field in the middle of graduation along with pursuing architecture.

Never had an idea, it will turn out to be something this good. So, today it has been more than 3 years since I've been working or practicing as a content writer and loving it!

So, here are the steps which helped or are helping me through this journey!

  1. Knowing your writing style: It may sound a little overwhelming but trust me it is not. Considering you want to become a content writer, there will be any sample or piece of writing you have written. 

You need to analyze this writing and see where your writing lies. Are you more inclined towards creating stories or treading up different events very well or are you more inclined towards descriptions, web content, kind of analyzing a subject and then writing about it. 

Your writing style will be a lot influenced by reading preferences and this is my personal experience.

Once you know your writing style, you can start your journey in that direction.


       2. Start building your writing portfolio: It is very important to build your writing portfolio before you start working as a freelancer or taking up different projects. 

Clients will always be interested in knowing what types of work have you handled or what are the different niches you have worked in and I will suggest to work in different niches unless you have a very specific goal in this field.

To build your portfolio, you can start applying to different internships or jobs if you are already a graduate. Internships work best in my opinion because you are not expected to have a high expertise or knowledge of the subject. You can earn a little money to learn and experiment. 

Try working for a few internships so that it gives a good exposure of how this profession works and what are the required tools or skills.

        3. Start with a blog: Why I always suggest having a blog or start a blog is because this will be a platform where you can experiment with your writing styles and see which attracts what kind of audience and which one do you prefer or enjoy most. 

Along with this you will be creating a personal writing portfolio which you can show to different clients or companies while applying for a job. 

Make sure that your blog looks professional and well put. Also, choose topics which interests you or you want to explore.

         4. Produce as much content as you can: Initially you might have work for less money or even no money but make sure you focus on the production of good quality and quantity of content initially. 

Just to give you guys an example, dedicate your 4-5 months of the journey to creating as much as content as you can as it will always help you get good and high paying clients after.

Try to experiment with the type of content you are creating.

         5. Always learn and explore new skills or tools: Just like any profession, content writing is also a little dense subject. 

Once you have a good grip on your writing, you will need to explore and learn the important tools required in this field, some of them are SEO, keyword research, writing long form content with organic keyword placing, creating right title tags and meta descriptions for better ranking of the content or website etc.

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