Increasing Productivity- Align with the Energy of Moon

 Increasing Productivity- Align with the Energy of Moon

Moon has always been a guiding star, gave strength and hope in the hardest time and peace and calm in the most daunting and overwhelming phases of life. 

A companion to hold the thread of self-reflection and forming pure tendencies. 

Escaping the rigid realities, the moon gives us access to the fluid and floating inner dreamland which is highly appreciated, especially in such challenging times. 

Moon sits gracefully in the beautiful matted hair of Lord Shiva, making us believe in the less seen and dwell in less of a structure.

It takes a lot of courage to build a belief system and even more to question an existing one. 

A similar event happened with me but I was too young and hence the new mold was not that of a challenge. It came from the underlying intuitions and not so conscious ways of expressions. 

Building a belief system was and is still a beautiful journey, always something new to learn and experience.

Why I am talking about belief systems is because it is important to be open and accepting of different perceptions and even more of real but ‘beyond our senses’ perceptions, but you can always feel it becoming one with your energies!

Much of the blabber, coming to the alignment with the energy of the moon and helping it to fuel your productivity. Let's start:

Have a conscious balance

Just like the moon has different phases, two of the most prominent ones being New and Full moon, we need to have balance in our work systems and ethics. 

Especially if you are someone who has a hard time sticking to schedules and routines, you need to be in intune with your body and listen to the natural indications or calling it is giving you.

A conscious balance between work and yourself, a healthy one! 

Full moon energy is more associated with getting things done, a bit restless regarding the things that need to be done, more of a high peak work energy, but can be a little anxious for a more fragile being.

You can try to complete or get done with the daunting tasks or longer tasks of the month around this time, now it's a little suggestion, you can always add what works for you and whatnot.

New Moon Energy is more associated with a relaxed and calm state of mind and body. 

Try to dwell more into activities that you otherwise don't have much time or consistency for. 

Meditate, do yoga, stretch, do journaling, once, twice or three times in a day, it's you who is accountable for your inner peace and therefore do what feels right! 

Creating Rituals

As discussed above, the energies full and new moon are associated with, you can create rituals around these events. 

You can always mark the dates for new and full moon till it's more of an intuitional feeling. 

Try creating a more productive and high-performance ritual around the full moon because let's be honest, we are humans and it's good to have such sessions in phases rather than making it a daily affair, it's just gonna burn you out! 

And hence, a full moon can be great for high-performance sessions!

Talking about the New moon, you can start new projects, new ideas can be explored and as the state is more relaxed and calm, there are a lot more chances of coming up with new, amazing ideas.

Creating a more self-reflective routine to help you reflect on your past accomplishments and future possibilities.

Be more Open and Receiving

A relaxed state is an open door to universal guidance and when we are trying to be productive, it is very important to know the cause of what we are doing to be able to connect to it at a deeper level.

Know that the guidance of the moon is always with you and you just have to be more receiving and open to it.

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  1. Loved it awesome writing skills😍

  2. Loved it awesome writing skills😍

  3. Loved it awesome writing skills😍


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