4 books to rewire your consciousness + Getting back into the habit of Reading.

4 books to rewire your consciousness + Getting back into the habit of Reading.

We all have seen and heard successful people preaching about reading books and the importance of doing it consistently! 

The amount of consciousness reading books has built for me, no other activity has built it nearly, not even going to the university. Thousands of ideas and multiple ideologies can be found and enjoyed in one book. 

Now, building intelligence and building consciousness are two different things, consciousness being a little more important.

Today we have pretty advanced AI systems to detect the problems related to tech and advancement in tech word and solve them very precisely. This means we have pretty amazing soft-wares to solve half or more issues related to intelligence. 

But the fact that the majority of the population is still focusing on building intelligence instead of consciousness is kind of alarming. 

It's pretty easy for an app or software to distract us and even manipulate our thoughts and yes I am talking about social media specifically. The amount of time we spent on these platforms needs to be strictly regulated. 

Content on social media takes a lot of headspace, to an extent that sometimes it's hard for me to put across my thoughts and ideas with clarity. 

So much so that all I wanted to do after waking up was to grab my phone and scroll on it endlessly, as it's pretty easy and effortless for my brain to get stimulated and get off the sleepy mood quickly. 

But the issue is, it is taking up almost my entire headspace and all I am left with is nothing but a mindlessly scrolling screen, all day long.

A quick suggestion, if you are facing brain fog or lack of clarity, try quitting social media for a week and see the difference.

However, I tried breaking this habit by reading! Now, whenever I reach out for my phone, to open my social media because I am bored, I straight away head towards my book. It's been a few days practicing this and kid you not I have already finished a pretty thick book and halfway done with the next one, in just 5 days. 

Not just this, but the clarity! I have so much more time to sit down and script my vision and goals and keep a reminder of them, consciously.

I understood the importance of creating and building consciousness when the relationship between my body and mind was not working at all! My body would feel lazy and lethargic and my brain was mindlessly on social media until there were mini anxiety attacks.

Things that helped me the most are:

  • Blocking out an hour for reading: I know it can be a bit hard to take out an hour for reading initially but when you are trying to get back into the habit of trying to build a new habit, its always better to spare out extra time, to let our body and mind adjust. 

     Blocking out an hour works the best for me, or even better, try enjoying your reading time with your coffee!

  • Start with a book/ genre you love: You have to be careful choosing the right book when you are trying to get back on track. Chose the one which will take your least effort and engage you the most.

  • Try taking notes: Reading is always interesting when you make it more interactive. Especially if you are into reading non-fiction, trying putting sticky notes with reflections or observation while reading the book.

  • Having a reading list helps: Having a list of what to read next always motivates me to read more consistently!

  • Enjoy the journey: Don't force it, be slow, easy, and enjoy the process.

Books to help you build your Consciousness:

  1. Sacred Powers by David Ji: I have talked about this book a lot! I love this book, actually planning to re-read it again. This book gives a great insight into spiritual aspects with the blend of Indian practices. He explains the five divine principles of the universe to help you explore and expand your spiritual vision. If you are planning to tap into the world of spirituality or when things need a bit of toss, go for this book.

  2. Universe has your back: This book explains the true power an individual holds only if he/she is ready to unleash and experience it. How universal energies are always there to care for us, guide us if we are open enough to receive the guidance and energies. Anyone going through a rough phase or looking for inspiration beyond words should go for this book.

  3. You are a badass: This book is exactly what the title of this book says and 100% more. One of the most inspirational and sassy books I have read in the world of self-help. This book does help you to develop a mindset that will prove to be very handy in today's not-so-empathetic world.

  4. The power of now: The way this book is written is just amazing! Eckhart Tolle, the author, has done an amazing job in dragging our consciousness right in the present with pretty viable words and lightning bolt speed!

4 books to rewire your consciousness + Getting back into the habit of Reading. 4 books to rewire your consciousness + Getting back into the habit of Reading. Reviewed by A Cosmic Star on April 20, 2021 Rating: 5


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